Eugene Holubnyak
Company University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources
Location Laramie, Wyoming

Eugene Holubnyak

Director of Hydrogen Research Center

Eugene Holubnyak has recently joined University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources as a Director of Hydrogen Energy Research Center. He previously served over a decade as a CCUS program lead at Kansas Geological Survey and spent five years working on the Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership at EERC. He has been a Principal Investigator on over $40M of the Department of Energy and other sponsored research and development projects on CCUS, Hydrogen, and critical minerals.

Eugene has served on multiple professional committees, including KS Induced Seismicity Task Force, State Carbon Capture Work Group, Regional Carbon Capture Deployment Initiative. Until recently, he has organized and led the KS CCUS Task Force and represented Kansas at CO2 Transport Infrastructure MOU. He also regularly provides training and seminars for the Climate Tech and Carbon Capture & Storage Industry.

Eugene is also interested in space exploration and developments in Advanced Life Support Systems for space settlements. He is continuing research and publication activities in this area.