Charles F. Mason – Luncheon Speaker – June 22, 2017

Dr. Charles Mason

Center for Energy Economic & Public Policy

Charles F. Mason
H.A. “Dave” True, Jr. Professor of Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics

Charles “Chuck” Mason is the H. A. “Dave” True, Jr. Chair in Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics in the Department of Economics and Finance at the University of Wyoming.

He is an internationally-known scholar who specializes in Environmental and Resource Economics. He served as the managing editor of the top international journal in this field, the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, from 2006-2011. His current research interests include modeling prices for crude oil and natural gas, the role of delivery infrastructure in natural gas markets, and motivations to hold stockpiles of oil and gas. Chuck has a BA and PhD in Economics and a BA in Mathematics, all from the University of California at Berkeley.

Research Interests: Applied Game Theory, Environmental and Resource Economics, Collusion Mergers, and Common Property Resources

Teaching: Game Theory, Economics of Uncertainty, Dynamic Optimization, Environmental and Resource Economics, and Industrial Organization

Examples of Recent Publications:

Mason, Charles F., “On Equilibrium in Resource Markets with Scale Economies and Stochastic Prices,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, forthcoming 2012.

Leach, Andrew, Charles F. Mason and Klaas van ’t Veld, “Economic Co-optimization of Enhanced Oil Recovery and Carbon Sequestration” Resource and Energy Economics, 2011, v. 33, 893-912.

Mason, Charles F., “Eco-Labeling and Market Equilibria with Noisy Certification Tests,” Environmental and Resource Economics, 2011, v. 48, 537-560.

Mason, Charles F., “On Stockpiling Natural Resources,” Resource and Energy Economics, 2011 v. 33, 398-409.

Polasky, Stephen, Nori Tarui, Greg Ellis and Charles F. Mason (2008) “Cooperation in the Commons with Unobservable Actions.” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 55(1): 37-51.

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